5 Uses for the Tongue

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My daughter likes to use her tongue to punish her sister.  And isn't it interesting.....though the victim of a good 'ol fashioned "she stuck her tongue out at me!", does not have one scratch or bruise to show, it hurts her just the same.  

Why is that?  Because of the attitude behind the gesture.  

So, what did I do?

I asked my daughter to write down 5 uses or facts about the tongue, and also what it should be used for, and this is what she found:

1.  Helps you talk better.
2.  Helps you taste better.
3.  To eat and drink.
4.  Girls have more taste buds than boys.
5.  Purpose: to say nice things.

I read through her list and then asked her, "Where does it say on your list to stick it out at someone else?"  

She looked at me and smiled sheepishly, and said, "nowhere.".  She then wrote an apology letter to her sister.