Abstract Geometry Vocabulary Art Project

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When it comes to geometry, vocabulary is super important.  Not all geometry problems have nice and tidy answers, and will require that students use their background knowledge to find the answer.  Furthermore, often times a student will use the verbal definition alone when attempting to memorize their math vocabulary, but without practice utilizing those terms, students may never fully understand or remember the vocabulary terms.  During this project, students will need to understand each vocabulary term enough to implement the creation of it on their papers.  For example, students are asked to create a circle with the diameter of 3.5 cm.  They are also asked to draw an obtuse angle anywhere they wish, draw a transversal line through two parallel rays, and even a triangle in which one angle measures 30 degrees, etc!  

With this creative and resourceful art project, students will not only look up common geometry terms, but they will also draw examples of them in an abstract pattern, creating an edgy, modern piece of art to hang upon the wall.   It will be remarkable how much they will retain after first reading the definition of each term, and then constructing an example of that term on a piece of blank canvas.  

The other great thing is that all projects will look different, even though students are all following the same directions.  Each finished project will be unique to the student's creative decisions.  The following free PDf's are for you to use in your classroom and at home with your kids.  It is my hope and desire that your students will gain a firm grasp of geometry vocabulary through this fun project!    

With this free Vocabulary Term PDF, students will create their own masterpiece using their new-found knowledge of geometry terms!  

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Here are some handy tutorials of common and complex geometry terms from an outstanding website called Explaining Maths.   This is a valuable resource for you, especially if you would like to pull from some other terms to create a different vocabulary vocab list for your students than the one that I created for you.  

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