Abstract Watercolor

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Easy, abstract art painting activity!

There are some who view art education as a frivolous use of time.  But, did you know that creating art strengthens one's problem solving skills?  What about critical thinking skills?  It also aids in social-emotional development, language and fine motor skills.  And I am just hitting the tip of the iceberg.  Yes, art is a precious tool in the education world.  Art gives kids purpose, planning, imagination. And did you know it contributes to academic success as a whole?  With paintbrush in hand, your student--for that moment--becomes a world-class craftsman.  As a parent, I also contend that it brings closeness in relationships.

I found this beautiful art idea over at innerchildfun.com and I knew it would bring huge smiles to my kid's faces.  I invite you to try the below activity with your students today:

First, grab a half empty glue bottle and fill the rest of the way with black acrylic paint.  Then, standing over a piece of watercolor paper, create swirling designs as complex or simple as you like.

Let dry completely.  

Then, mix up your watercolors and fill in the gaps!  

I always tell my kids:  Don't underestimate the power of white/blank!  Blank space is just as important as color.  

As you can see, you can choose to stay in the lines or not.  

You can practice creating color patterns if you wish.  Then, make sure to hang proudly for all to see.  We like to hang the kid's paintings in gallery frames, complete with painting title and their (the artist's) name.  

Enjoy!  If you finish your own masterpiece, be sure to send a link in the comment section. Happy Painting!