Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication Boxed Number War Card Game and Free PDF

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I kid you not when I say that a whole table of reluctant math students actually BEGGED to stay after class ended in order to finish the WHOLE page of math problems.  If you want to spark some motivation in your students, just try this assignment.  You will not be disappointed.

Practice multi-digit addition, subtraction and multiplication--all with only a deck of cards and the free PDF Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication worksheets (see links below) that will allow your students to get right to playing! 

All you need is a deck of cards for every 2 students; take out the picture cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks), Jokers and Tens, then shuffle. 

With the stack of cards face down, each player takes turns drawing a card while filling in each of their boxes from right to left. Players solve each problem and are awarded 1 point for each problem that is a higher number than that of their opponent's number.  Count the points for each row and determine the winner (the player with 2 points) and place their name in the margin. 

Above, Mary and Piper played Addition Boxed Number War.  As indicated by the names on the margin, you can see that Mary won 2 rounds (rows), while Piper won 1 round (row).  This means that Mary won the game.

Abby and Holland played Multiplication War and Abby won 2 out of 3 rounds, so she wins the game! 

I created some other ways to play.  I know that my kids like to have a lot of variety when it comes to playing math games. Make it fun and mix it up!

The basic idea for this game came from a wonderful little book by Peggy Kaye called Games for Learning.  She had her student draw little boxes and instructed her to fill in the boxes with the numbers drawn from the deck of cards.  If the answer was bigger than her partner's number, she won.  It is genius!  If you haven't checked out any of her educational books, you really should!  Her ideas are quick, rich, and involve very little to no cost.  It is a great resource for any teacher, homeschool family, or parent.


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