Balloon Toss Math: A Number Sense Math Game

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How often do you cater to those kinesthetic learners in your classroom?  If you need a great idea, check out this fun math activity for grades K-2 that will get your students moving their bodies while performing simple games of mental math!  It will get your students moving, and will help kids become more comfortable with number sense in a comfortable, fun environment. 

All you need for this fun activity is a balloon for each student in your class and a black sharpie.  Blow up the balloons before hand and number them, each with a different number.  If you have 23 kids in your class but you are only concentrating on numbers 1-10, then just use each number more than once.  If your students are only just learning to recognize numbers, write the numbers on the balloons in front of your class and ask your students, "What number is this?" 

Once all balloons are filled and numbered, begin tossing them out to your students and invite them to toss balloons for 10 seconds.  At the end of 10 seconds, students grab the closest balloon. (Alternately, you can have music playing, and when music stops, students grab the closest balloon.)  Ask students to shout their numbers on the count of 3.  Then ask students to line up in consecutive order, from least to greatest.  Can they line up from greatest to least?  Who has an even number?  Stand up and wiggle your eyebrows, then!  Add 1 to your number, now what is your number? 

Do you get the idea?  Ask as many questions as you can to help your students feel comfortable with numbers. 

Below you will find a list of fun questions you can ask.  These are just example questions.  The sky is the limit!  If you want to adapt this to older students, you can even throw in some multiplication and division questions!  Here is the printable Balloon Toss Math Questions PDF for use in your classroom!   

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