The Best Times Table Drill Worksheets Ever

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So, your students understand the concept of multiplication.  They have participated in all the different inquiry methods to discover how to find a multiplication answer.  They are comfortable with the terms repeated addition, arrays, and know how to do the 9's times table trick (which is a pretty cool trick to have in your back pocket!).  Your students have even been through videos with Zippy the Robot, created cootie catchers, played Zapped, and have dodged falling rocks in Cave Run.  

Well, we cannot emphasize enough how helpful it is for students to be able to quickly recall their times table facts.  Simply put: It will make an enormous difference in their future math lessons and classes.  Math is a lot more fun and less frustrating when kids don't have to pause every time they need to multiply to get to the final answer.  To help your students achieve the ability to rapidly recall their times table facts, we have fabulous new Drill Worksheets that your students are going to LOVE!  You can choose from Five-in-a Flash for times tables 1-10, or Six-in-a-Snap for times tables 1-12.  

Each star shape has a blank spot for you to write a number in the middle.  It can be randomly generated by throwing a die or you can write in a 7, for example, if you are working on your 7's facts.  This illustration shows how to complete the drill worksheets, step-by-step.  Alternately, you can print off the worksheets that are already numbered, or you can write in the numbers before you print them off so that students are practicing the times tables of your choosing.  These fantastic drill sheets also include a whole page of stars for extra times table practice.  

Download the free Five-in-a-Flash Drill Worksheet PDF Bundle.  This Includes:

1. A blank (customizable) worksheet 

2.  Two numbered worksheets (includes practice for times tables 1-10).

3. Worksheet with 12 stars, easily customizable to whatever times table level you are working on.  

Download the free Six-in-a-Snap Drill Worksheet PDF Bundle This Includes:

1. A blank (customizable) worksheet 

2. Two numbered worksheets (includes practice for times tables 1-12).

3. One Worksheet with 12 stars for extra practice, easily customizable to whatever times table level you are working on.  

Watch this quick tutorial.   Better yet, have your students watch before they begin this activity at their math centers.