Buzz Plus Number Game

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Number Buzz Plus is a group math game that will help your students remember the multiples of the numbers 2 through 9 in no time at all!  It requires little to no materials, and can be done without any preparation.  Some teachers love to have an educational game they can pull from their sleeve when they have 5-10 minutes to spare.  This is one of those games, and it's fun! 

Learning the multiples of numbers is very important.   When you make it a priority to teach your students their multiples, you are arming them with yet another way to understand the theory of multiplication and how to calculate multiplication problems.  It empowers them!  

Students sit around in a circle and the leader chooses a number between 2-9.  (You can also use a stack of flashcards to randomly choose from.)  The first person says "1", the next person says, "2" and so on around the room until you reach the chosen number times 9.  But, WATCH OUT!  If you come across a multiple of the chosen number, say "BUZZ!"  If you accidentally say the number instead, you will have to sit out!  Play continues until the last multiple of the number times 9 is reached.

Watch the video below to see how it's played with 2 as the chosen number.  

Knowing the multiples of numbers can make learning the times tables a lot easier.  You may want to use these great skip counting worksheets to also help students become familiar with a number's multiples. has a whole stack of free worksheets for all your multiplication needs! 

Are you exploring multiples even further? 

Check out this blog about the Lowest Common Factor (or, LCM)  It is the easiest and most effective way of teaching it.

And most of all, have fun!  It is always nice to hear how these tips and tricks have helped others in the classroom. 

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