Choosing a Math Curriculum

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Not long ago, choices for homeschool curricula were next to nil! ...Now, we are so fortunate to have many, many choices! to decide?!

When I first started homeschooling, I was blown away by the mountain of curriculum choices. I mean, seriously. Blown. Away.

Every curriculum name sounded like a foreign word, and continued to sound so until I managed to weed through descriptions of each over a period of time, and also when I actually had experience using some of them. 

Math is a big one for me.  I want my kids to have a solid math foundation.  No matter what they want to do with their life after school, math will be a part of it.  

I have used Saxon, Math U See, Horizons, and Singapore Math.  Each year, I wonder if I have chosen the right one for my kids.  I worry that they will be able to learn well from the approach that that particular math curriculum uses. I want to know if I should supplement a certain curriculum with another. 

I stumbled across a blog post written by Sharla from Chaos and Clutter.  She is a homeschool mama to 7 kids, an adoption advocate, and writer.  She addresses topics ranging from homeschool choices and info, adoption issues, and clutter management.  (Boy, stop right there! I need to get subscribed to that ASAP!).

In this post, she writes about the many different choices available to Homeschool families and has done all the work of including links to other home school educators who have blogged about math curricula.  She also does an outstanding job of facilitating discussion on her comment section.  I wanted to share with you what I wish had been available when I was first starting out on this homeschool journey.

On behalf of us all, thank you Sharla for doing the legwork to outline the mountain of different Math curriculum choices for us!