Dice Roll Turkey Collage and Free Worksheet

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Make your Thanksgiving Turkey craft (literally!) count this year with this fun collage art project and free worksheet that combines numerical operations!  Dice rolls, followed by specific directions, help students determine what shapes they will need to create to make their very own UNIQUE turkey collage!  I love to provide lots of papers in many different textures and print.  Some of my favorite collage papers happen to be newsprint, magazine pages, origami papers, or wallpaper samples!  The more choices for your students, the better!  I gave them all a piece of construction paper to start.  Then allowed them to attack my huge bin of papers to create their very own turkeys. 

They look very abstract and unconventional...just the look I was going for!

Take a peak at this FUN worksheet!  Your students will love combining math with art!  This PDF is yours to print off and share as you please.  Simply click on the worksheet to obtain the FREE PDF! 

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all explored here.  To differentiate this assignment for Kindergarten-1st grade, create questions that are more basic, and pre-cut all shapes ahead of time (optional). Have fun!  If your students make these turkeys, please share photos!  I'd love to see.  :O)