DIY Multiplication Velcro Dart Board Game

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Kids love darts, and with this easy DIY Velcro dart board, it's safe enough to play in a classroom full of students! I love to use the dart board for simple adding or subtracting practice.  You can ask kids to count down from 100 (with the winner reaching "0" first) or you can declare the winner the first player to reach 100! You can also multiply the score each round by the number of multiplication tables you are practicing.  For example, if you are practicing the three's, and if the Velcro ball lands on the "9", the student would first multiply 9 X 3 first, and then record "27" as the answer.  

While all students love this game, it is particularly perfect for the reluctant math student, or the one who has a hard time sitting still in their seat!  You can make several to use in your classroom or in math stations, or you can give groups of students these materials to give them practice using a compass.  They can help make the dart boards!  If you'd rather, you could make several cardboard templates for your students to use to trace if you are short on time, or if your students are not yet ready for the compass. 

All you need for the dart board is:

  1. 5-6 yards of different colored felt
  2. Either different sized bowls or a compass (or make your own with a rubber band, push pin, and colored pencil)
  3. Glue
  4. Felt or vinyl number stickers (or you can make your own with leftover pieces of felt and glue)
  5. A ping pong ball 
  6. Velcro tape

First, cut your circles.  You can use different sizes of bowls to trace, or you can use a compass.  Is your compass not big enough?  Try this cool idea from artist Zachary Abel! 

I used a similar idea, but I used 1 pushpin instead of 2 pushpins, and then tied the string around my pencil.  

We cut 6 circles from 6 colors of felt, making sure to make the circles smaller every time.   We glued the largest circle on a piece of white foam board and then glued the other 5 circles right on top of each other.  We then glued the numbers onto each color.  

Then, we grabbed some velcro strips and glued them onto the ping pong balls.  

Your dart board is ready to be enjoyed!  

You may also use this fun game to reinforce the math fact 7 X 9 = 63!

You can also buy velcro dart boards on Amazon.