The Dot and the Line by Norton Juster

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Have you read The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster?  If so, you might love this literary work of his, a math fable.  Written in 1963, The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, was also adapted to the screen:

It tells of the uptight line and his quest to get the dot to fall in love with him.  Meanwhile, all she can see is the adventuresome squiggle.  The line does some soul searching and finds that he has the makings to be incredible!  When he finds the dot again, and shows what he can do with himself, the dot becomes suddenly enamored with the line.  Poor squiggle just doesn't make the cut!  It is a great way to lead into a geometry lesson for High School Students.  In fact, on Wikispaces Classroom, there is a very detailed, solid Geometry lesson plan by Christopher Nelson-Burger with extensions that you may want to use in your classroom.   

This book has beautiful math concepts rendered on each page.  Here is a sampling:

This entertaining book is treat for the eyes and readers of all ages will enjoy it!  Don't miss Norton Juster's other book: The Phantom Tollbooth: Review and Activities.