Fact Families Art Project

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Want a fun way to learn about fact families?  Try this fun art project! Although this lesson shows the relationship between addition and subtraction, it would be equally as useful  to show the relationship between multiplication and division.

First, give each student the fact family Free PDF worksheet.  This will be the "blueprint" for the art project!

You can have them create their own combination of numbers, or provide them choices to pick from. Use this handy Free Fact Families Numbers PDF with examples of different fact families to help your students choose! (*Alternately, you can cut the numbers apart and students can draw them from a hat.)

Students will demonstrate the numerical relationship of the three numbers by layering them on top of each other. Then, the different sections are colored any way you wish.  (Be careful to not inadvertently color in the white space!) To symbolize the three numbers, it is extra fun to use only 3 different colors.  All you will need is a pencil, white construction paper and 3 different colored pencils!

Need more information about fact families?  Check this out.