Free Paper Printables for Schoolwork

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My kid's Science curriculum suggested I provide my children with half-lined paper so that they could draw sketches on top, and then write a blurb about what they learned in the bottom, lined section.  "Great idea!" I thought.  "Easy to find!"  I told myself. 


I was about 50% right.  


While half-lined paper is a great idea, the paper was not as easy to find as I had hoped.  And when I did finally find it?  It was 12 buckarooskies for one measly tablet.  And when you need a tablet for each child....Ouch.  


So I did what any other level-headed, intelligent, today-type of a mother would have done in the first place (grimace).  


I Googled "half-lined paper".


And I was very pleased.  


I found multiple sites dedicated to creating all sorts of paper for all sorts of academic needs.  Graph paper?  Check.  Kindergarten paper?  Check.  

Grid paper.

Math Problem paper.

Intermediate lined paper.

Horizontal paper. 

Vertical paper.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check! 


My goodness, the choices are vast!


I want to share with you my top choices for FREE academic paper printables...


(drumrollll, please!)


Dad's Worksheets (awesome work, "dad"!  Check out all the math help he gives out for free, too!)


Paging Supermom (A chic and collaborative duo whose chief aim is to be a help and encouragement to supermoms everywhere!)


Donna Young's Homeschool Resources (Donna confirms the suspicion that homeschool parents are forever marked with the school-time bug...even though the kids are all grown and gone, she is still gracing us with all with her created cache of resources.)


Story Time Standouts (Carolyn Hart is an advocate for great children's books and has a variety of resources and a well-organized website to help with all literacy needs.)


A sincere thank you to the above individuals who want to help kids learn, and who help make that happen with their FREE materials.