Fun Summer Math Incentive Program

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Now that the school year is coming to a close, it's time to start thinking about summer bbq's, sleepovers, bonfires, novel reading, and pool parties!  But what about math?  Where does math fit in?

Picture this:  What if you added a sprinkle (20 minutes, maybe?) of math into every day of Summer vacation?  What would your child's "math story" look like at the end of the summer?  Imagine the confidence your child would have if he or she were to start school with all their math facts memorized?  I encourage you to help your child write their your own math success story this summer, and with this fun summer math incentive program, it should be easy!  

We have pooled our resources and creativity together to offer you a chance to implement your very own Math Incentive Program for your home and children!  If you are a teacher and you teach throughout the summer, this incentive program would also work well in your classroom!  WE have created the resources for you to print and share as you like, and in turn, YOU provide a fun predetermined prize for your child to earn!   This is a minimal, completely customizable program.  Feel free to use and change as you see fit.  

1.  First off,  take a peak at our SUPER SUMMER MATH PACKET!  

This 12-page packet of multiplication math fun is free for you to print and share--all in one free printable PDF packet!  

This packet can coincide with the the Math BINGO Activity Card below; you can also decide to print this packet off as a stand-alone project.  Either way, this math packet is a great summer math refresher and it's fun!   The worksheets were designed with your kids in mind.  It will help your child discover patterns found in multiplication, strengthen reasoning skills through silly story problems, and prompt them to recall multiplication facts through fun exercises.  Students will get to use a number line to figure out multiplication, buy gifts from the gift shop at the zoo, shade in arrays, help the professor reboot Rita the Robot,  fill in a multiplication chart, even use dice to create their own problems and MORE!  This isn't your ordinary math packet!   Encourage your child to complete the whole packet for a fun prize at the end.  You might even want to invite your kids to help generate prize ideas.  They love to be involved!  

2. Don't miss this awesome Math Activity B-I-N-G-O Activity.  Simply print off the Math Activity Bingo Card and let the math fun begin!  The bingo card is made up of a variety of fun activities designed to help kids explore numbers, see patterns, practice multiplication, and use reasoning.  We love this activity because it gives kids the chance to choose what they would like to do and to what extent.  Kids love to make decisions!  To print off, click on the picture below:

  • When your student have completed all the activities in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, they can earn a prize! 

  • You can also award a bigger prize if the student completes the whole card (what is called a blackout)!  

3.  GAMES AND FLASHCARD PRACTICE: Don't like paperwork?  Simply have your students log on to and play any of our math games for 20 minutes, AND/OR practice flashcards for 20 minutes each day. The goal? 200 minutes!  How many days will it take to earn 200 minutes if you spend 20 minutes each day playing math games or practicing flashcards?  Do the multiplication.... 10 x 20 = 200!  Encourage your student to complete 200 minutes to receive a fun prize of your choosing!  

So what about those prizes?   Some teachers and parents like to award points.  These points can be used to "purchase" screen time, a movie rental, or a selection from a prize bucket.  Others like to award something specific like: an ice cream cone, a movie ticket to a matinee, or a special outing with a parent.  You know your kids, and you know what prizes would be most fun for them.  

Speaking of flashcards...Have you every wondered how to best use's flashcards to effectively learn your math facts?  Check out the video below for a quick tutorial!  


Make this summer your best summer yet!  Have fun AND keep your math facts fresh for a stellar school year in the fall!