Gluten Free Marshmallow Rice Squares

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Calling all Room Parents!  

Let me guess.  You generously sign up to be the room parent for your child's 2nd grade class, only to find out that there are students who can't have gluten, suddenly bringing your list of favorite classroom treats to a screeching halt!  You want to cater to all kids and not make any kid feel left out, however you are unsure where to start.  Am I right?  Or maybe, you are the parent of a child who needs to eat gluten free and are looking for a good snack alternative to the normal party foods.  Whatever the case, you are sure to come across at least one situation this year that requires you to bring a snack or treat that is gluten free.  I have a simple, no-brainer dessert for you to bring!  Even better, it's kid friendly!  

The other day, I was on a hunt for the GF Kellogs Rice Krispies that I have seen at the grocery store in the past.  I could not find a box of them anywhere, including the stores I had gotten them once upon a time, and so picked up Rice Chex instead.  "These'll do in a pinch!" I thought.  What I didn't know at the time, was that this "pinch" was actually going to be our permanent Rice Krispie Treat replacement.  I wondered why I couldn't find the GF Rice Krispies, so I looked online.  Imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when I read somewhere that Kellogs has discontinued their GF Rice Krispies.  Boo!  Somebody, please, if I am wrong let me know!  I haven't not been able to find anything that counters that news.   

So, back to the treats, we simply replaced the Rice Krispies with Gluten Free Rice Chex.  Add to that a bag of mini marshmallows (make sure they are gluten free!), and butter and you've got yourself an ooey gooey treat!   My girls will tell you that they don't want me to ever go back!  They like the bigger chunks of the Rice Chex.    Here is my slightly different, very similar GF Marshmallow Rice Square Treat Recipe.  Simply click on the image to receive a recipe card PDF with an additional recipe card for a friend!  

To find out more about the Gluten-Free Diet, and a list of GF foods, check out,, great hub of information for all GF families.  Happy health and eating to you all!  If you have some great gluten free recipes to share, please leave them in the comments section.  :O)