Go Fish Card Game for Times Table Practice

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When it comes to card games, Go Fish is one of my childhood favorites! But what I really love about this card game is that it makes the most of Multiplication.com's award winning system for learning and retaining the times tables!  

Do you know how to play Go Fish?



Shuffle the cards and deal 5 cards to each player.



 If you are dealt matching cards, those cards are removed from your hand, and you earn 1 point.  

Here is an example of a matching set:  


Players take turns asking a specific player for a certain card.

If someone asks you for a card that you have, give that card to the asking player.  

If you do not have the card asked for, your opponent must "go fish", taking one new card from the pile of cards.

When it’s your turn, select a player you think might have a card that you need.  

Ask for a particular card that you need a match for in your own hand.  

For example, "Mary, do you have Tree x Chicks?"   

If the player has the card that matches Tree x Chicks (ACHING), he or she must pass it over.

Pair the two cards together and set aside.  You earn 1 point and get to go again!  

If your opponent does not have the card you asked for, you must "go fish", and your turn is over.  

If there are still cards left in the pile, but you have run out of cards in your hand, draw 5 free cards.

Play continues until players have no more cards left in their hands and there are no more cards to draw from.  

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner!  

Want a good strategy tip? Try to remember what people have asked for in previous turns!  

All set?  Almost!  Don't forget to download your playing cards!

Print and share as many as you like!

SET 1 (Numbers 2 thru 9 with picture symbol)

SET 2 (2 x 8 thru 4 x 4)

SET 3 (4 x 5 thru 5 x 9)

SET 4 (6 x 6 thru 9 x 9)

Check out the Go Fish game tutorial below.  It's the perfect way to teach a group of students how to play!




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