The Greedy Triangle

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In the Greedy Triangle, a book about shapes by Marilyn Burns, children follow the sad saga of The Triangle and his quest for a more fulfilling life as a different shape. 

Aimed at introducing 2nd-3rd grade children the basic geometric shapes, The Triangle is first seen on page 1, keeping busy with all the important jobs he has:  supporting bridges, making music in the orchestra, helping sailboats get on their way, to name a few.  

One day, the triangle gets a wee bit tired of being himself and takes a visit to the shapeshifter to find out what can be done to jazz up his life a bit. 

The shapeshifter is happy to oblige and changes the triangle into a quadrilateral.  Now, yes--you guessed it--the quadrilateral is now seen in many different forms, having the time of his life: as a baseball diamond, a TV screen, a window, and other 4-sided shapes.

Until one day, he gets discontented with his life as a quadrilateral and takes another visit to the shapeshifter, asking for another side and another angle to make his life more interesting.  Readers get to see how these simple changes make a whole different shape--one that can be seen in many everyday items in our life.

Back to the shapeshifter The Triangle goes...On and on the changes continue....until finally, the Triangle yearns for his former life and asks the shapeshifter to make one last change--a change back to being a triangle.    

With a satisfied smile, the shapeshifter does change him back.  

Students will learn the names of the different shapes with 3-12 sides, and how they connect to the world around us.  Students may also learn that they are just right, just the way they are. 

The illustrations aren't fancy but they are bright and bold and get the point across to kids that triangles exist around every corner (excuse the pun).  

The back of the book has a wonderful section just for the teacher or parent.  There you will find learning extensions supporting the geometric shapes found in The Greedy Triangle.

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