Ink Blot Art

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Looking out our window, my youngest daughter exclaims, "I see a cloud without arms and legs!"

It's not that our daughter needs to be checked out by a physician (at least I don't think she does), it's that she has learned to love a game we all love to play:  What Can You Find in the Clouds?

I should also share what her sisters said seconds before,

"I see a dragon without arms and legs!"

"I see a dog without ears!"

So see...her comment did have some merit.  But I bring this up to share with you an art project we love equally as well, and for the same reasons.




The method is quite simple.  Add a touch of water to a small bottle of black acrylic paint and shake well. Pass out paper and a straw.  Positioning the bottle high above the paper, squeeze out a small amount.  The artists grabs their straw and blows hard at the paint, creating a trails of paint every which way. Let dry. 

Then, (and this is the fun part) spend some time looking at the ink blot, and try to visualize a picture within the ink.  Take a peak at the other ink blots around the table. Be interactive!  I encouraged my kids to go around the table, and tell a story based on their inkblot.  It was fun, comical, heartwarming. 

Afterwards, decide on what the inkblot will become.  A giraffe?  A magician?  A flower?  Add some details with pencil.  Use the internet if necessary to find pictures which will help you with the details.  My daughter "saw" an owl.  I had to help her find one on the internet to help her figure out what colors to use and where to put the animal's distinguishing marks. Pass out pencils and lightly sketch a figure or animal within the blot. After you are satisfied with the pencil drawing, go over the pencil with a thin sharpie or other permanent marking pen.  Erase the pencil marks.  I really liked how my daughter added texture via small shapes, diagonal, lines, etc.

Then, take out your paint and add some color.

Allow to dry.

For an extension, instruct your child write a fictional story using the inkblot as the main character. 

Here are some other examples of our inkblot art: