Leprechaun Dice Roll STEM Activity

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Tis the time of year to celebrate all things Irish!  Join in the fun by providing your students with this awesome dice roll activity that combines times table multiplication practice with STEM exploration.  We love this type of challenge because students are given different supplies and are faced with a problem to solve.  



First, gather the supplies that your students will need to complete their leprechaun traps.  Students earn different materials based on their answers after they roll the dice, multiply the two numbers and follow the specific actions.  



Supply each student will a free PDF Leprechaun Trap Dice Roll Worksheet and a pair of 9-sided dice.  If you are working on your 10's, 11's, or 12's, supply a 10, 11, or 12-sided dice.  




Encourage students to circle the supply earned after each problem to make it easier to gather the items later on.  Also, there is a bonus section!  If students solve 6 more times table problems by rolling the dice, they get a freebie!  This means they can choose any extra item they want...even if they have already earned that item.  So, if they want more popsicle sticks, now is their chance! Or maybe they did not get rubber bands and really want them.  They can earn them by filling out the bonus section!  Cool, huh?

Let students know they can help themselves to "Free" items:  Glue, construction paper, paint, etc.  These items do not need to be earned, and are used to provide decoration or cool textures, or even a sign!  

Here are a couple fun examples of leprechaun traps created by our students:



Don't forget bait!  :)



We loved the glittered catapult and the ladder!





This fun times table activity is sure to create leprechaun hunters of your students!  Please share your leprechaun traps by including #timestabletraps on your social media posts!