Math Class in December: A collection of math-inspired activities to celebrate the season

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Did you know has a whole cache of educational resources JUST for this wonderful, festive time of year?  That's right...this December, find tons of free resources to make learning the times tables fun.  Choose from free worksheets, games, STEM crafts, and array art.  

TIMES TABLE WAR is a favorite math game!  Print off these accompanying worksheets and share with all your teacher friends:

Times Table War Worksheets (for the holidays):

And here are some more worksheets just for this time of year:

Christmas Secret Message Worksheets:

Winter Secret Message Worksheets:


Online games make learning fun:

Peabody the Penguin  (My favorite!)

Penguin Jump

Holiday Fun

Winter Coloring Fun


Merge the world of art and math (for those who wish to get their craft on):

5 Stem Holiday Crafts

Build an entire Christmas city scene using arrays:

Winter Cityscape Array Art project

And here is a lesson that goes along with's unique system for learning the times tables. 

Help kids remember that 3 x 3 = 9!