Math Class in November: Times Tables, Art, Graphing, Budgeting

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Looking for ways to spice up the November math class? has a few ideas that are sure to make learning meaningful and memorable! 

What to do with all that candy?!  The day after Halloween just might be one of my daughters' favorite times of the entire year.  It may be because I steer away from the set math curriculum and we get to play with their loads of candy collected the day before going from cubicle to cubicle at their daddy's work.   They use their candy to sort, create bar graphs, compare/contrast, and more!  

The candy makes such great visual graphs!  Can you think of a more delicious math lesson than THE GREAT CANDY SORT?  I sure can't!


THESE DICE ROLL TURKEYS use addition, subtraction, and multiplication to create one-of-a-kind paper turkeys with just a roll of a dice!  Every turkey looks different!  I used fun papers found in wallpaper sample books.  Comics, magazines, construction or origami papers...the fun is in the choices!

HARVEST MOSAIC ART is one of my all time favorite yearly crafts.  The harvest colors found in the bulk bean section of the supermarket is a feast for the eyes as well as the touch.  The different textures make it a favorite for kids, too!  Among other things, kids learn symmetry, reflection, slide, patterns and the relationship between them.  And since Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationships, well, this FUN PATTERN ACTIVITY fits right in!

In this group-friendly BUDGETING MATH ACTIVITY, students "buy" Thanksgiving dinner using flyers from local grocery stores.  By first brainstorming and deciding on the menu and then perusing grocery store flyers for the best prices, small groups compare and contrast their budget and costs by adding and multiplying!  This is practical math at its November finest!  

What are your Fall favorite activities?  We'd love your ideas!