Meaningful Monday

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Welcome to Meaningful Monday where inspiration from notable teachers and artists will be considered. Fill up here and pour out to those children in your lives!

Welcome to "Meaningful Monday"!  Every Monday you can come here to get a piece of inspiration to start your Monday (your whole week, even!) off on the right foot.  A great start--not just for your kids or students....but also for yourself.  We all need reminders now and again of why we have chosen the noble journey of teaching.  And if you are a parent, yes, I am talking to you.  All parents are teachers!  

Here I will provide some timeless advice from this world's inspiring leaders and artists paired with snapshots I take throughout the week. 

 Elizabeth Lawrence's attitude of how to approach education is something to really think about.  Do you fear not knowing the right answer?  Are you afraid of what your students will think if you don't know?  What if we said, "Hmm...I don't know.  Let's look it up together!"  How will our attitude towards learning affect our student's attitudes?  Something to think about, for sure!  

Come back every Monday to fill up, drink in images, drop a note and say hello; even leave your own favorite quote, poem, or way you keep perspective in the days that seem to blend together.  

And when the day is done, know that you have made a difference in the life of a child.