Meaningful Monday: The 1-Drawer Challenge

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Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place, and you will not only accomplish more, but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying.--Tryon Edwards

Wow.  This quote, spoken by Tryon Edwards, an American theologian (1809-1894), gives me a fresh breath of air. 

I believe this is correct.  I do.  And most of the time, I can live this way.  But sometimes, especially when I am busy or tired, I just plain forget! 

I will run after loose ends all day long in an attempt to tie them up, when in reality, all I had to do was focus on my priorities, and save the loose ends for the time I can really invest in them without allowing my best things to fall to the wayside.  My time will be better spent and I will have more leisure!

I try to give myself time in the afternoon to pay bills and open junk mail, and respond to email and phone calls. I have lived in my skin for 38 years now, and if anyone knows that I operate much more sweetly and patiently in the is me.  I think my kids would say the same thing. :o)  So it makes sense for me to do the bulk of our school in the morning. If I am not careful, however, I will tackle the bills, mail, and phone calls in the morning instead, forgetting that I had planned to save these things for later in the day.  

I do this because these tasks are weighing on me and I have the good intentions of getting them taken care of so that I can focus on teaching my girls for the rest of the day.  I really do mean well! 

But when I allow myself to jump at every single task that needs to be done, without following a meaningful order of events, I find that I am tired and wiped out and (mayyyybe) a tad bit cranky in my dealings with my girls.  I'd much rather be tired and wiped out and (mayyyybe) a tad bit cranky for the operator on the other end of the line (Sorry HP Tech Support!) later in the day because I kept my fresh, patient self for my kids. 

I also believe what Edwards says about everything having a place.  I have asked my family to clean out one drawer a day until school starts.  That "drawer" can be their purses, their toothbrush holder, their sock drawer, the silverware drawer in the kitchen, a shelf in the pantry, etc. 


There are 5 of us!  So that means (7 days a week X 5) we can get 35 drawers cleaned out each week! This is not a big commitment.  It keeps us balanced.  We are not going to relentlessly work on home organization (it's Summer for Pete's sake)!  And frankly, during the school year, there just isn't time to be obsessed with organization.  But we are going to slowly work on getting the house better organized.  This will help make our transition to school much smoother. And it will help us accomplish more with less time when school does start.

Maybe this way we can have leisure time spent reading together, engage more in meaningful conversations, and bike more together during these last days of Summer and....beyond. 

Will you join the 1-Drawer Challenge with us?