Meaningful Monday: It's Today

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"What day is it?"  asked Pooh.  "It's today," squeaked Piglet.  "My favorite day."  said Pooh

Today, you are right where you are.  Right where you are supposed to be.
Whatever disappointments today has brought, this year has brought.  Whatever hardships.  Whatever trials.  


Maybe you haven't had a lot of disappointments (I salute you!).  Maybe you just feel mundane today.  Maybe you felt fine when you woke up and are looking forward to this day!

Just remember this:

There will never be another today. 
Today will never happen again!  (unless, of course, time travel becomes realized!)
Today is a gift...hours that can bring beauty into our lives and the lives of others.  

Today's Meaningful Monday post comes to you today because of an epic fail this morning on my part.  I was less than enthusiastic in my interactions with my husband as he was leaving for work.  "Less than enthusiastic" is saying it nicely.  

Grumpy.  Impatient.  Oh, how I wished I could rewind the a mere 15 minutes!  

What is on your agenda today?  If you are like me, I have an enormously busy day and week.  I don't know that I will ever accomplish what I need to, my pile is so tall....I have calls to insurance companies to make, a birthday party to plan, bills to pay, emails to answer, my bathrooms are downright grimy, I could surely get some good money for the beautiful weeds I am growing in my garden, and I have some lessons to write.  A trip to both the post office and the grocery store is in my immediate future, though I could live on saltines for weeks if it meant not having to go grocery shopping.  I have a stack of books that have dust on them that I really do want to read, home organization projects that do not come naturally to me and I have people I really need to visit.  And that is only the first page! I get tired just thinking about my list!  But there is something I constantly need to be reminded of (because I am quite dense at times).  That list I just rattled off?  That list is not my important to-do list.  My important to-do list is one that trumps all other to-do lists I have going at the moment, and it contains only one item:

Love that hunky, hard-working husband and those rambunctious children of mine.  

I can get bogged down and focus on my long list, or I can see that long list in my peripheral and accomplish as I can and am able, 1 task at a time.  And in doing so, focus in on the important task before me.  

And I ask myself: Am I lifting my husband up and encouraging him the way that I should?  Am I really listening to my children?  Am I making eye contact and answering questions and giving plenty of hugs?  Am I using a kind voice?  Do they believe that I enjoy being with them? 

Then I think, what is one thing I can do to relax and make today my favorite day?  A walk?  Take some photos of those flowers next to my beautiful weeds, read a book snuggled up to the other bookworms in my life, play some music really loud and have a dance party in my living room?  Go get some ice cream!?  

Those grimy sinks will still be grimy tomorrow.  No rush.  

PS:  I'm also a firm believer that one can accomplish tasks and have fun at the same time.  I think tomorrow, I will scrub grimy sinks while lip-syncing to 80's dance music.  Scrub brushes make great microphones.  And if I'm smart, I will make sure to have a "microphone" for every helping hand.  Maybe I'll add that to my grocery list.  A woman shouldn't live on saltines for too long.  Chocolate is calling.