Meaningful Monday: John Adams

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For this week's Meaningful Monday, I have for you a quote from John Adams.  It is only fitting that we hear wise words from one of our Nation's Founding Fathers, the very week we celebrate Independence Day!

Our children are in the grasp of our direct influence for just a short while, and then they will be off to forge their own pathways.  How are we equipping our children to live their life well, beyond the four walls of the family home?  

My husband and I talked about this the other day.  It is very difficult to let go and give kids more responsibility and freedom to make their own choices.  I want to control my kids' choices and protect them from natural consequences. But this is the ideal time to loosen our grip on the reigns...while our kids are still at home under our care and while we can continue to guide them and give them encouragement and direction. And if our kids do not show they are ready for those loosed reigns yet, we are still able to tighten them back up again and try again later.

This is not to say that we will not be able to guide and influence them long after they leave the nest!  Not at all!  But we really should take advantage of the time we do have with our kids at this very moment to give them a chance to build your trust.

Do you have any examples where this rang true for you?  What do John Adam's words mean to you?