Meaningful Monday: A Sure Way to Enjoy Summer Vacation

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The last two weeks have been full of fretful thoughts.  I have been anxious that July is almost over...stressed that I haven't yet written my lesson plans for the class I will be teaching come fall for our homeschool co-op....anguished over how cranky I've been towards the girls while trying to get my Summer to-do list accomplished. 

Well, I do not like those kind of thoughts to haunt me for too long--so I opened the door and kicked those thoughts out just this morning!

"What are the top 3 things you would be really disappointed if you did not get to do this Summer?

I asked this of my older daughters.

They both agreed that the craft store, U-Swirl ice cream parlor, and Tripp Taylor's (the finest used book store in all of Boise!) was at the top of both their lists. (Thankfully, these are at the top of mine, too!)

So...away we went, my three daughters and I, to indulge and enjoy our Monday.  

Did I have work to do?  Yep.

Did I have a mountain of laundry that was threatening to take over my home?  Yep.

Did I have dinner plans thought out?  Nope.

Did I need a restful day with my girls?  You bet!

And I can't tell you what a world of good it did for us all to stomp up Tripp Taylor's rickety stairs to the top room--the children's room--and lay in a heap in the corner of the attic, next to the soft, cushy couch, flipping through beloved book pages well-loved twice over.  To exclaim over long lost book friends, and to lament over the fact that all our allowance would not even come close to buying the stack of books we longed over.  And how, because we spent so much time reading, we didn't even have time for the craft and ice cream store, and so we'd have to keep that for another day.  Yes.  Another day.  Another day of leaving the things that truly can wait to spend some quality time with the ones who make this life so rich and fulfilling.  

So afterwards, we had a "Hurrah for Summer" lunch and then we vowed to enjoy the days ahead....the work, the play, the being together.  

James Dent said this:

A Perfect Summer day is when the sun is shining,
the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.  
I relate to this today.  

My work will wait for me.  But the sun is shining right now.  The breeze is blowing right now.  The birds are singing.

Right Now.  

(But that is not to say that work is unimportant.  On the contrary...the work needs to be done, and done with joy.  So tomorrow, when the sun shines, the breeze blows, the birds sing....I WILL attack those lesson plans, refreshed and renewed.