Mother's Day No-Sew Flowers

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Here at our house, crafts are synonymous with breathing.  It's something we just have to do.  For some reason, life just gets a little easier for all us girls when we make something.  Does anyone else feel that way?

If you don't believe me, you'll have to come over sometime.  On an ordinary day, our house sounds like a circus of chimpanzees.  Shrieking, high-pitched voices fill our rafters and echoes bounce off our walls.  Feet pitter-pattering and the chatter--

OHHHH the chatter.

Take out a jar of paintbrushes, bright and shiny watercolors, and thicker-than-oatmeal paper and suddenly you can hear a pin drop.  

Interestingly enough, you can't hear mom ask you to take out the trash.

Hmm.  I may have to look into that.

But, back to the crafts...

Enter:  Mother's Day.  

Mother's day has always been special to me, because of course, I love my mom.  I love my husband's moms.  

But Mother's day took on a whole new meaning the moment I became a mom.  Suddenly, understanding flooded in and my heart was laying in a baby blanket, swaddled tighter than a clamshell.  I became part of a club at the grocery store where suddenly I was promoted in the eyes of others because I had a baby who was gurgling and screaming at the top of her lungs. I received knowing looks, nods, smiles, and well-meaning looks of pity.  People talk to you when you have a child.

I looked at my own mom differently.  I strained in a new way to remember how she must have held me as a little girl and the proud and aching pang she must have felt when those rites of passages--so exciting for me--led me further away from her.

I saw my  husband's moms in a new light.  I felt such gratitude to both of them that they cared for this incredible man I love so much.  How they cleaned the scrapes and cheered for him during the wrestling matches and how they fed him his favorite food and encouraged his educational pursuits.

There is no denying the enormity of motherhood.  

There really are no words to describe the feeling of a 3-year-old's sweaty pair of arms, embracing your neck, telling you that you are the most famous mom, EVER!   

Or the 8-year-old who promises that if I weren't her mom, she'd run away and try to find me.  

Or the 6-year-old I overhear tell her friends that she and her mom have the same tastes in clothes and art.

Oh, how I love these girls of mine.  How I love these moms in my life.

Last Mother's Day, we have made our moms bouquets of flowers using scraps of material, wooden dowels, small scraps of felt, and glue gun/glue sticks.

Seriously.  That is all!  I got the idea here, a really neat craft and sewing site.  

I'll take you through the steps to make your own:

First, cut your scraps in strips about 2" wide and 16" long.  This is great measuring practice for the kids!  They don't have to be super straight, either.  

I made sure we had a rather large pile of strips so that we could be creative and have some color choices.  

Then, make a small accordion on one end of the strip.  Put a good-sized blob on the material and sink your dowel into it.  Wrap the material around the dowel.  This forms the middle of the flower.

Then, a couple inches at a time, place a line of hot glue on the fabric, scrunch, and squeeze around the dowel, making sure to pinch the bottom portion to keep the fabric as close to the dowel as possible.  As Dana described: gather, glue, gather, glue.  Make sure to monitor the kids with this portion of the project.  

When you are finished gathering and gluing, grab a coordinating piece of felt and make a circle.  It doesn't have to be exact.  Then, cut a slit from one side of the circle to the middle. 

By the way--what is the deal with my hands!  Whoever stole my hand lotion--I'm watching you!  

 Place the dowel in the middle of the slit and glue the felt around the base of the flower, overlapping the two circle halves.

 Viola!  You are done!  Make a few more, wrap with a ribbon, and place in a pretty canning jar or vase.  

And Happy Mom's Day to you and yours!