Mr. Monster Times Table Card Game (Old Maid)

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We are thrilled to share the good news that has a brand new set of playing cards.



These cards are an ideal way to learn the times tables in a fun and creative way.  

By pairing up our funny stories with the funny answers, players will learn their times tables in a flash!  

Mr. Monster ('s version of Old Maid) is the newest card game to make its debut on this website!  


We have always been committed to creating tools to help kids learn the times tables and HAVE FUN doing it.  

Need an Old Maid refresher course?  Read on:

MR. MONSTER (for up to 6 players)



Do you remember playing Old Maid as a kid?  In the classic game of Old Maid, the object is to not get caught holding the odd card out (the old maid).  

However, instead of Old Maid being the odd card out, Mr. Monster is the new odd card out and players are trying their best to avoid getting caught with Mr. Monster!  

Your deck of cards includes 2 Mr. Monster Cards, but in this game, you will only be using 1 card.  

The second card can be used in the Go Fish and Memory card games, or kept as an extra.  



To begin play, simply take out 1 Mr. Monster Card.  



Shuffle remaining cards...




...and deal the cards one at a time to each player until all cards are dealt.

Players take a look at their hand of cards.  

If they see any matches (’s story pictures matched with the story answers), 



a pair is made and the player removes it from their hand and places it face down in front of them.



When each player has removed their matches, the first player offers his hand to the player on his left and a card is drawn.  


If a pair is formed by the drawing of a card, the match is removed and placed face down with the other pairs the player has matched.  

Play continues, going clockwise, until all pairs have been made except for the one without a pair--Mr. Monster. Whoever ends up with that card...loses!


Download, print, and share your free flashcards today: 



SET 1 (Numbers 2 thru 9 with picture symbol)

SET 2 (2 x 8 thru 4 x 4)

SET 3 (4 x 5 thru 5 x 9)

SET 4 (6 x 6 thru 9 x 9)

Take a peak at this video card game tutorial and show it to your ready groups of card players:



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