Multiplication Array Math Art

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For long term multiplication success, it is imperative that kids understand multiplication.  Many mistakenly think that if only kids will memorize their facts, they will be on their way and ready to move on.  Not so!  Kids need ample time to explore the different avenues of multiplication.  Building multiplication arrays is  a great place to start!  When kids understand that 3X4 and 2X6 both equal 12, yet look different on paper, they start to use multiplication as an application when solving math equations and not just something to memorize.  

This game is simple and gives students a chance to be creative! With a roll of dice, students will create multiplication problems, then find all the fact families of each array.

 When finished, each fact family is drawn and colored on graph paper.  

Every student will have a different outcome.  So fun! 

You can download this Multiplication Array Art Worksheet, or have your students sketch something similar on a lined sheet of paper.  You can also use this free graph paper printable:

Follow these simple instructions to create your own array math art!

All you need:

  • 1 page of graph paper
  • a pair of dice
  • ruler and pencil
  • included PDF worksheet or blank paper 
  • colored pencils or markers
  1. Roll the dice.  Consider the two numbers rolled as a multiplication problem and determine its product.   Write the problem and answer on the worksheet.  Repeat 14 more times, listing the multiplication problem and answer for each.  
  2. After numbers are rolled, students go through each problem and list the other ways that that product can be represented.  For instance:  8 X 5 = 40, and so does 4 X 10 and 2 X 20.  
  3. When finished, grab a pencil and ruler and sketch out all the different arrays listed on the paper, making sure each family of facts are overlapping.  Arrays can also overlap other problems listed.  Be creative! 
  4. Color the arrays any way you choose!  

For more practice understanding the meaning and function of multiplication, try this interactive Graph Grid Multiplication Game!  

Its perfect for kids who are just learning about multiplication.  

And for those kids who need help recalling their times tables, Multiplication War is an excellent game.  Try this version here!