Multiplication Bowling for Times Table Practice

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Do you need to shake things up a bit in your math class?  Why not try Times Table Bowling?  

My daughter came home from a birthday party with this fun little bowling set and being the teacher that I am, I thought..."Hmmm...I bet we could use this to learn math!  These can be purchased from your local grocery store in the dollar aisle of their store as well.  I found this lot of 12 miniature bowling sets on Amazon for only a dollar a piece!  (Click here to leave the site and check them out on Amazon)  So this means they are easy to find, AND you will only need 1 set for every two players.  That makes this activity super affordable!   If you don't have bowling sets and still want to play Times Table Bowling, you can use a 10-sided die instead!  The number on the dice will represent the number of pins knocked down. 

To play, all you will need is a mini bowling set (or one 10-sided die) for every two players and an empty shoebox. (If you use a die, no shoebox is needed)  The shoebox will be your "lane" and also help keep the pins and ball contained in the classroom. 

Before you begin, show your students the quick video tutorial so they know how to play the game.  It can be found here, or scroll down and you will find it at the bottom of this page. 

The game is played the same with either bowling pins or dice:


      1. If you have pins, arrange them at the end of the shoe box in a triangular position.  See photo below:

      2. Taking turns, Player A rolls the ball to try to knock down as many pins as possible.  (Alternately, Player A rolls the die)  

      3.  Player A shades in the number of pins rolled, or the number on the die. 

      4.  Player A multiplies the number shaded by the number in the bowling ball at the top of their worksheet and fills in the answer.

      5.  It is now Player B's turn. 

      6.  Player A and B take turns bowling, shading and multiplying until all 10 frames have been completed.  

      7.  When all 10 pins are knocked down, it is called a strike. Every strike earns the player 10 extra bonus points! 

      8.  Players add up their score, adding in bonus points for all pins knocked down in their turn.  

      9.  Whoever has the highest score, wins!  


We are sorry for the earlier difficulty downloading the free pdfs.  The links are all working now and ready to go!  Thanks for your patience.  :)  

Get your free PDF Times Table BLANK Bowling Worksheet today!  To find the links to the specific times tables, scroll to the end of this blog.  


Don't get a gutter ball!  Play times table bowling today and master those math facts! 

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