Multiplication Cootie-Catchers

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The Cootie-Catchers are back!  

Yes, you did read that correctly and no, you did not just get magically transported back to the 80's.  
These free cootie-catchers (also called fortune tellers), will bring fresh excitement to your math class, much like day-glo leg warmers, hairspray, jelly shoes and parachute pants did back in the day.  Seriously...wasn't the 80's the best years for being a kid?  No hand-held electronics....just paper fun folded up all cleverly.  

However, these cootie-catchers will not be a recess-only commodity.  You will welcome these whimsical contraptions into your classroom or home school room with open arms! Not only that, but we added "Would-You-Rather" questions, interesting tidbits and brain teasers where the fortunes are normally found.  These cootie catchers, available for times tables 0-12, will make math fun for your students! 

Want to learn how to fold them?  Check out the PDF instructions here,

or you can watch the video tutorial for how to fold and how to play.  (See below). 

Print these Free, Color PDF Printables for the whole classroom and pass them on to all your teacher friends:

Cootie Catcher-The Zeros

Cootie Catcher-The Ones

Cootie Catcher-The Twos

Cootie Catcher-The Threes

Cootie Catcher-The Fours

Cootie Catcher-The Fives

Cootie Catcher-The Sixes

Cootie Catcher-The Sevens

Cootie Catcher-The Eights

Cootie Catcher-The Nines

Cootie Catcher-The Tens

Cootie Catcher-The Elevens/Set 1

Cootie Catcher-The Elevens/Set 2

Cootie Catcher-The Twelves/Set 1

Cootie Catcher-The Twelves/Set2

Cootie Catcher-The Toughest Facts

Do your students like to write in their own fortunes?  Then download the 0-9 and Toughest Times Tables PDF files in the set below and they can customize their own!

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Zeros

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Ones

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Twos

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Threes

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Fours

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Fives

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Sixes

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Sevens

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Eights

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Nines

Cootie Catcher-Blank-The Toughest