Multiplication Memory Card Game

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Playing Cards are the latest free resource to join's growing stockpile of fabulous, free resources available for anyone wanting to help kids learn math facts!  

So, not only can times tables and other math facts be practiced using the free games, flashcards, and worksheets found on this website,

but kids can also play games like GO FISH, MEMORY and MR. MONSTER to help those facts sink in with this brand new set of playing cards! 

Half the deck features our story pictures, and the answers to the story pictures are shown on the other half.  



Pairing the stories with the answers gives students ample practice learning the times tables using's quick mnemonic technique that really, truly works!

So what are we waiting for?  Let's start with Memory!  



Memory is the classic kids card game that everybody seems to know.  It's a great way to help kids really learn the quirky stories at  But first, you will need some of our brand new playing cards:



Print and share your free PDF playing cards today:

SET 1 (Numbers 2 thru 9 with picture symbol)

SET 2 (2 x 8 thru 4 x 4)

SET 3 (4 x 5 thru 5 x 9)

SET 4 (6 x 6 thru 9 x 9)

Choose to print all 4 sets for a large game, or you can concentrate on working through a few facts at a time by printing off one or multiplies of just 1 set at a time.  



Cut them out and laminate if desired.

Are you ready to play?  Need a Memory Game Refresher?  


First, shuffle all cards.




Lay them upside down and form a grid.  Choose a player to go first.  That player chooses two cards to turn over.  

If they form a match, like this:  



Or this:



Then the player keeps both cards and gets to go again.  If they do not form a match, the player turns the cards over and places them back EXACTLY how they were and it is the next player's turn. 



Play ends when all matches have been found.  The player with the most matches, wins! 

Use this Video Tutorial to share the game of memory with your students:



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