Multiplication Stories: 6X6=36

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Ah, the thrill of memorizing multiplication tables!  (note the sarcasm).  I still recall my third grade self staring longingly out the foggy window in my elementary school classroom.  Foggy, of course, because I had been crying so much in frustration, that I turned my classroom into a real-life sauna.  I may still have nightmares about times tables memorization, but thank goodness it doesn't have to be that way for math students today!  The stories and activities found on this site can make the times tables literally come alive!   It's too bad that I couldn't have learned multiplication in such a fun way.  

We are learning 6X6 this week.  I reviewed the story of 6 X 6 using the video and flashcard with my students.  If you don't know the story that goes along with this fact, the video story and flash card set is located at the end of this page.  Just scroll down!

6X6 = 36! 

I really want to make sure this math fact will stick, and studies show that students who are able to invest something personal into their studies will be more apt to retain knowledge.  (And who doesn't like that?!) So, I created these "Telephone Pole Signs" to help students give these fantastic times table stories their own creative twist!  

For each times table story, students can choose from "Telephone Pole" Signs to illustrate their times tables further.  You can choose from the images below:

There are 7 signs to choose from; all free!  Simply click on the pictures above to access them and print them off.  

Here is what one of my students came up with for 6 (CHICKS) X 6 (CHICKS) = 36 (DIRTY CHICKS):

Notice that this student used the problem as the phone number!  Here is another example using a different sign:

Check out the way this student displayed the times table.  So creative!

Check out the silly story video that goes along with 6 X 6 = 36! 

You can find the free picture card downloads here