Multiplication Story and Activity: 3X4=12

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For this multiplication activity, why not combine Language Arts in your instruction?  Split your classroom into multiple groups of 2-4, instructing students to write a short script about the chosen equation (in this case, we chose to write a script about 3X4=12).  Encourage students to use the writing process while completing their scripts, and then hold a presentation day where students can perform for the class, or show their completed video.  This is a wonderful assignment which combines Math instruction, with writing and speech practice!  Not only that, but the students watching will have no problem remembering that 3X4=12 with these wonderful performances!  

Here is a free, printable PDF Story Board template to assist your students while writing their scripts.  Once finished, students collaborate to make their own videos using a camera or video camera, or a live play in front of the classroom!  

Want to see what my young helpers came up with?  Here are two examples.  Feel free to show your students if you think it'll get their creative juices flowing!  

This first video shows a group of two or three.  An original script is written using the free printable story board template, and one person is filming, another is acting as narrator, and another is the lead actor.  You can also combine the videographer and narration duties if you only  have two students.  

In this second video, you will see that a number of students can successfully be involved in the making of the set (in this case, legos were the main material used.  You can also use diorama materials, playmobile, clay, cardboard creations, etc.).  No students are shown in the video, rather they act out the scene with the original story, or their own script being narrated using given or created figurines.

The following video and flash card story can also help your students get started.  

Click on the flashcard above to access a whole slew of flashcards to use for your classroom! 

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