Multiplication Story and Activity for 4X4=16

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Our multiplication stories are a lot of fun and a little far fetched and just right for helping young minds remember their math facts!  All you need is a penny and a print-off of the 4x4 flash card found on our website (link below) to participate in this dizzingly fun multiplication activity!  After this, I betcha that your students will blurt out 4X4=16 without any hesitation at all! 

You can start your lesson by saying something like this:  Imagine you are a queen of a land far, far away.  Imagine that you come to a big city and can't believe your eyes when you see revolving doors for the very first time!  Yes, you would be excited!  In this story, find out why the queen got so sick by watching the video:

Print off a copy of the flashcards (front and back) for groups of students to use as they participate in this activity. Make sure each group has at least 1 copy to share.  If you click on the flash card, you can print it off and use as often as you like!  The flash card will serve as a prompt to help your students complete the activities below.  If you'd like the whole set, just click here for access to's whole collection of flashcards.

The back of the flash card tells the story.  Make sure your groups of students each have a flash card, printed front and back. 

You may also print off the directions for each group.  Alternately, you can post in front of the classroom for all students to see.  I converted the image into a pdf for your printing needs, if you so desire.  Just click on the photo or the link above. 

Have a great time learning those math facts!