Multiplication Story and Activity for 8X8=64

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What would happen if you grabbed your roller skates and headed to the rink and started skating, only to find out that the whole floor was covered with ooey, gooey gum?!  You'd be stuck, that's for sure!  That's exactly what happened to a brother and sister when they went to their local skating rink.  He couldn't skate and she couldn't skate!  

That's right, Skate (8) X Skate (8) = Sticky Floor!  

With this multiplication game called "STICKY TAG", kids will be learning while having fun!  

First, make sure to have these awesome flashcards handy to share with your students.  The bright visuals and funny story will help cement the multiplication fact in your students' memory.  Click on the flash card above to print it off, or you can download and print the whole collection of free picture cards.

Then, show the 8 X 8 = 64 video to your students, if you like:

Now you are ready for your activity:

Sticky Tag has the same rules as the popular classic Freeze Tag Game.  After playing, kids will not likely forget that 8 X 8 = 64.  

It works like this:  One person is "it".  The "it" person runs around tagging whomever they can.  When they tag a person, they say, "Skate X Skate = Sticky Floor!"  That person then becomes stuck to the floor and cannot move until another player comes by and tags them saying, "8 X 8 = 64!"  The person who is "it" wins by "sticking" all the players to the floor.  

Be careful! If the person who is "it" tags a person without saying, "Skate X Skate = Sticky Floor!" that person is not stuck and can keep running!  If a person releases a stuck person by tagging and forgets to say, "8 X 8 = 64", that person is still stuck! 

In this activity, kids learn through musical-rythmic, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory methods! Kids learn so well by combining learning intelligences and, combined with exercise, this activity is a real winner.