Multiplication Story and Game for 6 X 9 = 54

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I think we all know that in order for kids to remember important school facts, it needs to be meaningful.  I would argue though, that if it's not meaningful, it can be downright silly and kids will also remember it!  Not only does use silly stories to make multiplication facts come to life, but this activity will double the silliness and have kids giggling, learning, and leaving the classroom knowing that 6 X 9 = 54.  Success!  

This is the teacher flash card that is available to you for this particular multiplication problem, and it's free!  Just download it, and print it off and use it to teach 6 X 9 = 54 in your classroom!  Check out the whole collection of flash cards you can download for free.  You can even make a set for every student.  The image below is the back of the flash card.  It tells the silly story that goes along with it! 

In order to play this fun Clean the Fish Game,  each student will need:

  1. A piece of elastic or yarn, construction paper, and a stapler to make a beak (see instructions below)
  2. An index card cut square
  3. A straw
  4. A piece of tape to adhere the straw to the card to make a sign

Students make their beak using these instructions :

 Then, they tape the index card to the straw to make their sign.  

When finished, help pair them up with a partner!  Each pair of students will need the following:

  1. A package of Swedish Fish candy 
  2. A paper plate

Directions:  Pour the Swedish Fish onto the plate.  Instruct students to put on their beaks, and hold their sign.  With the youngest player going first, the student will scoop up as many fish as they are able in one try, using their sign.  No hands are allowed!  When they scoop up the fish, the  child  proclaims, "The clever chicks used an old sign to clean the fishy floor--6X9=54!" Then, the next player scoops up as many fish as they can in one try, saying "The clever chicks used an old sign to clean the fishy floor.--6X9=54!"  Whoever scoops up the last fish is the winner! Players can play again and again!  See...silly, right?!  :oP

You may also wish to show your students the silly story of 6 X 9 =54:

Have fun, and remember:  Chicks X Sign = Fishy Floor!  :O)