Multiplication Story and Game for 7 X 9 = 63

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In order for's award-winning program to work to its full potential, make sure to engage in lots of fun activities designed to further help kids anchor the facts into their memories.  If you are familiar with 7 X 9 = 63, you know that while a surfin' sign was doing his thing in the big waves, a bumble bee covered with sticky honey came along and ran headfirst into the sign!  After much effort, the sign helped remove the sticky bee.  (63) 

You can find the story printed on the teacher flash card below.  Simply click on the photo of the flash card to gain access to all our flashcards.  

It is also helpful to show the video reenacting of the Surfin' Sign and the Sticky Bee:

 In this activity, the kids act like they are surfing (7) as they lob a velcro-ed yellow ping pong ball (the bee) at the dart board (sign). 

When the "bee" leaves the hand, the kids say aloud, " SURFIN' X SIGN = STICKY BEE."  

Students keep track of their scores, adding as they play along.  

The first player to reach 63 (the product of 7 X 9) without going over, wins! 

This fun DIY Game Board is one that you can use for all sorts of math fact activities, so it's definitely a bonus!   Make sure to read the complete tutorial for the Velcro dart game board, and other ways to practice those important math facts using this fun, classic game.    Click on the picture below to be taken to my blog about making the DIY Dart Board.  It's quick, easy, and can be done by students in the classroom!  It's a great way to practice using a compass.  

Have fun learning those facts!