Multiplication Story and Map Activity for 2 X 7 = 14

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This fun activity will not only give your students help to remember that 2 (Shoe) x 7 (Surfin') = 14 (Four Kings), it will also help them with their map-making, art, and visual-spatial skills!  Some of the best ways for teachers to make connections with students, is to combine more than one subject in their lesson plans.   In this case, students will learn how to create a map, include the compass rose and a key, and create the symbols needed to read a map.  Not only that, but they are also learning their math facts at the same time.  SCORE!!  

After reading the silly story (click here for the printable flashcards), watch the video, and then your students will be ready to draw the town described in the story!  

Above is a handy worksheet PDF which includes the silly story.  The worksheet also instructs students to begin sketching their town, and includes a list of all the items they should be careful to include in the map!  When finished sketching, students create a final draft of their map on 11 X 14 construction paper, and display in the classroom for all to enjoy!  

Each student should make a map, making sure to include:

  1. The Castles for the 4 Kings
  2. The Kings’ Hotel
  3. The Beach
  4. The Surf Shop
  5. At least 1 Restaurant
  6. A Boat Marina
  7. 1 Park
  8. Roads
  9. Road Signs
  10. A Compass Rose
  11. A Key

When students finish sketching their maps, instruct them to transfer their ideas and sketch onto a large piece of drawing or construction paper.  Color it with felt-tip markers or colored pencils.  Add lots of detail!  Display with the other maps of 2 X 7 and never forget that it equals 14!  

Do you see the king surfing on the big shoe?  The Medieval Swimwear Shop? How about the Fencing tournament?  What other fun details do you notice?  

Want to try this with another silly story?

Here's a map worksheet for 4X7=28!