Multiplication Story Mobile and Class Activity: 4 X 7 = 28

Posted by: uses silly stories to help students remember their times tables.  One way to help students remember these silly stories is to have them use prompts.  This story mobile is the perfect way to remember that 4 (DOOR) X 7 (SURFIN') = 28 (DENTY PLATE).

First, make sure students know the silly story.  These handy flashcards are great for both teacher and student!  You can find a whole bunch of them here.  

Also, this video is a fun way to review the 4 X 7 = 28 Story!  has video stories for all the times tables!

Now you can begin your story mobile! What will you need for this craft project?

  1. Manilla folders or cardstock to cut for the door and the surfboard
  2. This easy surfboard template for drawing the surfboard.  
  3. Small paper plate for the pizza
  4. Red paint for the pizza sauce
  5. Small pieces of yellow construction paper for the cheese, cut in short, thin strips 
  6. White reinforcement stickers  for the olives (I colored them with a black permanent marker)
  7. A hanger for the mobile
  8. Soft wire to suspend the pieces

I cut the Manila folder so that the seam would work as an open door.  Cardstock works just as well.  Students can decorate their door with a 4 with a marker, crayons, or popsicle sticks.   I hot glued a button as the doorknob.  As you can see, a blank circle sticker works well, too.  

For the surfboard, use this template:

Have students outline their surfboard on foam board or cardstock using the template.  Cut out the surfboard and decorate with markers or paint. 

For the pizza, paint the inside of the plate red.  Allow to dry.  Then, scatter and glue the cheese (small pieces of yellow construction paper) to the surface of the pizza.  Color the white reinforcement stickers with black sharpie and apply the olives to the top.  Make sure students "dent" the sides of the pizza plate.  (This is the fun part!) :o)  

Suspend each piece of the 4 X 7 = 28 Story to the hanger with the soft wire in the correct order.

Have students form small groups and tell the story from memory using their Story Mobiles!  Hang around the classroom to make

4 X 7 = 28 a memorable times table!