Multiplication Tangram Story and Class Activity: 6 X 7 = 42

Posted by: has a fun program designed to help children remember their multiplication facts using silly stories and activities.  For the times table 6 X 7, you are invited to teach this fun tangram activity with the silly story to help kids remember it!  Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle dating back hundreds of years and is literally translated as, "7 boards of skill."  The benefits of tangrams are far-reaching; manipulating tangram pieces aid in ploygon recognition and build and strengthen visual-spatial sense.  This fun tangram activity will help your students recall the math story: Chicks X Surfin' = Fort E Zoo.

With this lesson, students will get to arrange tangram pieces, then draw a surfboard and waves to show their chick surfin' to the Fort E. Zoo!  


Then, they can also color their chick with this fun coloring page:

You could even make an entire zoo with these other fun zoo animal tangram outlines!  

To start, show the animated 6 X 7 = 42 video.  Have students narrate the story orally using their own words.  

You may also wish to pass out these wonderful flash cards that have the story printed on them! has a whole slew of flashcards, free for your use!

  1. Print the following Free Tangram Set Worksheet on cardstock.  Ideally, students will each have their own set.  
  2. Instruct students to carefully cut out their tangram pieces.  
  3. Ask students to try to manipulate their tangram pieces to make a chick.  See what they come up with!  
  4. Then, post or pass out this simple tangram outline on the board.  Allow students some time to try to figure out how to arrange the pieces based on the outline alone.  
  5. If students still have trouble, have the Free chick outline worksheet.  This is the same as the worksheet above, except with the pieces inscribed available for students to use.  If you wish, you could scale the outlines using your printer to match the tangram pieces.  
  6. I have also included a fun coloring sheet. Students may use it to place their tangram pieces, and it also doubles as a coloring page!  When students have found the tangram solution, they follow the instructions at the bottom by drawing a surfboard for their chick.  
  7. You may wish to have your students make a whole zoo of animals to fill FORT E. ZOO!   Also, this website has great zoo animal tutorials!  

Display the tangram coloring pages to remind students that CHICKS X SURFIN' = FORT E ZOO!