Multiply by 9 Using Your Hands Video and Worksheets

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Have the nines times tables got you down?  Never fear!   Try this cool hand trick to find the answer to your 9's multiplication problems every time.  Plus, it's a fun trick to show your friends.  You can print the free worksheets, watch the video tutorial, and see some cool graphics--all designed to the 9's times tables easier for you!  

Below you will find a short worksheet tutorial that will not only provide a visual of the 9's trick, but will also give kids a chance to try it out themselves.  Click on the image to access the Multiplication Hand Trick Worksheet,  For the answer key, click here



Watch the video below to see how to multiply by 9 using your hands:  

For those who like pictures, check these out.  Solve 9 X 8 using your hands!

Got it?  Now show your friends!