Napkin Caddy School Supply Holder -DIY

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Each day after breakfast has been eaten, dishes have been taken care of and our doggie fed, we girls clamor up to our long farm table to settle into learning and school adventures.  Ideally, we'd get to sit and learn without unnecessary interruptions, but there are days when I  seem to have to get up every two seconds for that eraser we forgot to bring, an extra sharpened pencil, or the ruler our math book says we need.  Oh, what is a teacher to do?  When you homeschool and have little junior who needs to use the potty every two seconds, these other distractions need to be stopped.

Enter in my napkin holder I purchased from Costco two years ago.  It's a really great napkin holder.  It is rectangular, wicker, and has a broad handle.  A large square in the center houses napkins, and is surrounded by four little squares intended for silverware. 

Being organized for school has now officially become more important than being organized for dinner.  This is a sure sign you are a homeschool mom, by the way. 

So, I loaded the whole thing with anything I thought could be needed during the course of our day.  Sorry silverware.  You go back into the dark, dungeon-like drawer to the left of the kitchen sink. 

This has been SO helpful.  My only regret is not having done it sooner.

Some things that have been handier than expected:

Yes, hole re-enforcers.  It seems like these are a must for tidy binders. Or for your practical joker to put them over his eyelids. 

I could have added a ruler to my caddy, but it stuck out so far, and it seemed more practical to have this little guy in here instead.  Plus, we can readily measure our heads whenever we want.  Wiebers have such large heads that we like to impress people when they come over.

This measuring tape is also very handy as I show you just how small our stapler is.  Seriously, this mini stapler has been a saving grace for us.  It's an old Bostitch steel one and I love it.  I also love the taste of cough syrup, so you're just going to have to take my word for it about the stapler. 

I attach clips to everything.  EVERYTHING.  Including my kids.  And anywhere I else I might need an emergency clip. Never use the clothespins, though, to pretend you're a duck.  My oldest girl learned this lesson the hard way.   

I have been teaching my kids how to check their math homework.  It's been so valuable for them.  Plus, they feel super official.

Do you have a school supply caddy?  What treasures do you put in yours?