New Playing Cards for Times Table Practice

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We are so thrilled to introduce you to our brand new playing cards!  

They are free to use and share as you like, introducing your students to's clever system for learning the times tables.  



With's unique story pictures on half the cards, and the matching story answers on the other half, kids will pick up times table fluency in no time.   

To get started, you'll need to download our brand new playing cards:

SET 1 (Numbers 2 thru 9 with picture symbol)

SET 2 (2 x 8 thru 4 x 4)

SET 3 (4 x 5 thru 5 x 9)

SET 4 (6 x 6 thru 9 x 9)


You can print all 4 sets at once, or concentrate on 1 set at a time (recommended if you are a new user).  

For more players, simply print off extra copies of the same set.  Share with all your teaching friends!  



With these playing cards, students can play the following games (click on the image of the particular card game you want to play below.  

This will take you to a separate page that will allow you to access rules and a fun video tutorial created for reviewing rules for groups of students):  






MR. MONSTER (Old Maid)

Make this the best year ever with our free playing cards!