Number Buzz Game

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There are several different versions of Number Buzz, but this one in particular is used to teach the number pictures associated with's award winning system for learning the times tabes.  The directions for this game can also be found in the book, Multiplication in a Flash.  These visuals will be so helpful to your students as they work to associate the numbers 2-9 to a particular number picture.  For instance, for the number 2, students simply point to their shoe!  The chart below shows each number illustration paired with the action that is expected from your students. Play Number Buzz every day for just a few minutes, and your students will have these actions down pat in no time!  

Check out the below visual, and then scroll down even further for specific action descriptions, game rules, and a video tutorial of the game Number Buzz!

How exactly is Number Buzz played? 

Read on for the actions descriptions that go along with each number flashcard:

2- Students point to their shoes.

3- Students put their arms down straight and away from their body so they look like a fir tree.  

4- One hand in a fist, students pretend to knock on a door in front of them.

5- Pretending to be bees in the hive, students say buzzzzz.  (This is the only action in which students make noise.)

6- Students squat down with their arms tucked under like wings, pecking as they waddle around.  

7- Students bend knees slightly, arms out to their side like they are surfing. 

8- Students put their arms behind their back, pushing off with their leg as if they are skating.  

9- Students place their arms over their head, elbows out, pretending to be a sign.  

Now that you know how to show each action that goes along with each number picture, watch the game in action: