Number Lotto Math Lesson

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I am super duper excited to share this fun new game with you! 

I found these awesome number game pieces at the discount store Tuesday Morning and I couldn't help it. 

They ended up in my basket before I could even think it through.  My husband, who has long known about my math trinket obsession, didn't even bat an eye.  I took that as a green light and we marched to the front of the store to purchase them.

Once home, I stared at the numbers for a few days, trying to think of a good lesson that would utilize these cool pieces (and justify my purchase of yet another math doodad!)  And I admit it...I did play with them a bit.  I love stuff like this! 

I came up with a very cool math lesson called, "Number Lotto." 

Each student grabs a random number game piece from a bag and puts it on the desk in front of them.  Writing the number on the top of their paper, they come up a series of different math problems that use that exact number as the answer!  This is a sort of open-ended math challenge, so it has the potential to stretch your most advanced student, while not "breaking" the student who needs extra help. 

Here is the assignment.  You can also print it out using this free PDF

When students are finished, they can exchange the papers and check each other's work.  Even better, they can NOT write the number at the top of their paper and their partner can try to guess what the secret number is! 

Even if you do not have number game pieces, you can make your own using rocks, shells or pieces of cardstock cut into squares!  For more ideas on how to make your own DIY math manipulatives, click here.  And if you loved Number Lotto, try playing Shell Lotto.