A Plate Rack Repurposed

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One thing I have always loved doing is using objects for a different purpose than what they were originally meant for. 

I like to use trivets as wall art and I hung an antique metal lunchbox using a drill and wall screws by our front door to "catch" all the stuff made for pockets: wallets, work badges, keys, mail, etc.

I asked my hubby to make me a plate rack, fully intending to not use it for plates at all.  Well, okay.....I do have plates that live there, But I also have favorite books, cards from loved ones, and drawings made from my little artists.  I also have a picture hung on the wall within the plate rack.  I asked my husband to leave the back of the rack off.  :o)  I keep thinking I should hang all the plates around the rack....adding even more of an ironic air.

I think this would go well in any house, adding a whimsical touch.  When we started this homeschool journey, I pledged to myself that I would try to stir up creativity wherever I could to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. A place where there own creations would be right at home.

I think this adds a nice creative touch.

And then, when I get wonderful little doodles left on my bedside table, I have an immediate place for it to live.  Until the next time I rearrange.  :o)