Poetry Lesson 2: Creating a 1-Stanza Poem

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Some people hear the word, "Poetry" and their toes shrink back in their sockets, their mind frozen in fear.  What are your feelings about writing poetry?  Do you feel excitement, apprehension, or fear?  I think most people's fear can be attributed to not knowing where to start.  Or, they had teachers tell them they "have 5 minutes to write a poem, now, GO!"  And then that was the end of that lesson and the class resumed the next day teaching the basics of expository writing.  

Is this true with you?  If yes, will you give me a chance to try to teach you a bit differently?  Are you one of those who needs no convincing to write, read, and enjoy poetry?  Well, then, this lesson is for you as well.  We're going to have fun here!  This is the second lesson in my poetry series.  You may want to brush up on your knowledge of similes, metaphors and personification by completing Poetry Lesson #1.

Oh and yes....another important thing for you to know: this lesson will work with any child who can write, any teenage student, and any adult who is up for the challenge.  This lesson will even work with you as the teacher AND the student!  Yes, that is right--you can teach yourself using this lesson!

All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and the free PDF worksheets I created for you.   Included also, are optional notes that explain the worksheets and method further to help you successfully implement the lesson.  

First of all, print out the worksheets.  If you are teaching to primary elementary grades 1-3, you can read through the information, and guide your student(s) orally.  Upper elementary grades 4-6 can follow along with the worksheets in front of them.  If you are teaching to the teenage or adult ages, you can hand out these sheets to your students, and they will have what they need to guide themselves through.  Whatever the case, if your students are new to poetry, be there to walk through each step with them.

Like I said above, the free poetry lesson PDF has notes to further explain the lesson. The worksheets truly do have all you need to complete a 1-stanza poem, so I do not go into every lesson detail in my teaching notes.  But I will walk through each step briefly, with some further ideas for you to use.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your poems.  Feel free to leave your stanzas in the comment section for me to read!    

**Have you completed this lesson with a group of children or with yourself?  I'd love to hear from you!  Let me know what worked and what didn't!  :o)