Poppin' Tags Math Lesson Ideas

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Looking for some inexpensive Math Lesson ideas that will get your students involved?  Try Poppin' Tags Math!  Kids these days love to find great deals at their favorite stores (otherwise known as Poppin' Tags).  Involve them in this fun math lesson by asking them to bring in all the tags they pull off of their "great deals." 

Take a few weeks to collect them all, and then create math centers using the tags!  I've created a couple of ideas/examples below.  I'd love it if you create some and share with me, too! 

Try this activity where kids write the fraction of vowels over the number of letters in this word:  (Make sure you get the FREE PDF for this activity.)

Or what about this fun percentage problem?  (FREE percentage PDF)

What other Math Center Activities can you come up with using sales tags?  Please share!  And if you want other budget math manipulative ideas, check this out.  Other fun games....Number Lotto and Shell Lotto