Retro Macaroni Necklaces

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I am on a mission to reinvent the retro macaroni necklace.  

Who's with me?  Seriously guys-- With macaroni choices like these, who wouldn’t want to accessorize?  I took a visit to the bulk section at Winco, a grocery store in our area, and I was so happy to find such a variety. 

My little gal, Georgia Reese, wanted to make these necklaces as an activity at her fourth birthday party.  She was thrilled to see the different colors and shapes.  

So did her sister!

If your kid isn’t into making necklaces, why not a belt?  Garland?  A dog leash?  Ok...that might not work...but there are lots of different things you can make!  

This is the perfect opportunity to not only make a fashion statement, but to practice fine motor skills, shape identification, classification, making patterns, counting and fine-motor skills.  You can read about the big deal-io regarding fine-motor skills here.  For another sorting activity, check out this article.

With macaroni variety like this, you can also implement fantastic and affordable classification activities.  Give each child cupful of macaroni.  Ask younger children to sort by shape or by color.  Ask older children to design their own classification system, complete with drawings, notes, and a written explanation of how the classification system came to be. 

And to make it easier for your little tyke and friends, make sure to cut yarn ahead of time, knot one end, and then place a piece of scotch tape at the other end to make it easier to thread.  

And always, ALWAYS wear a macaroni necklace your little gal makes for you.  :o)  There is nothing more stylish than being your child’s biggest fan.